My Top Ten Travel Destinations

10) Brighton, England -My home town, where I live, but not where I was born.

9) Paris, France – Full of the French, but still a nice city.

8 ) Krakow, Poland – Lives under the shadow of Prague, but superior in my opinion.

7) The Solway Coast , Scotland – The land of my grandfather, rolling countryside, fishing villages and beaches.

6) Coromandel Coast, New Zealand – It’s up and down, twisty-turny, I loved it.

5) Sydney, Australia – I don’t like cities…this though is the greatest city in the world!

4) Kerala Province, India – Beautiful people, great scenery, terrible poverty.

3) Hampi, India – Lunar scenery, great ambience, hammock lifestyle.

2) Yangshuo, China – The most chilled place in China…that I’ve been to anyway.

1) San Pedro De la Laguna, Guatemala – Simply the best, so great I can never go back, just in case it changed for the worse.


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