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Nick’s latest effort Push The Sky Away

February 21, 2013

Nick's latest effort Push The Sky Away

So just listening again to the New Nick Cave and The bad Seeds album Push The Sky Away…and I don’t quite know what to think I think about it.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not a bad album…it’s a good album…14 previous studio albums have taught me The Bad Seeds don’t make bad albums…it’s a beautiful record. I just can’t think where it goes yet.

Nick Cave is a strange one for me…the only artist I can think of from the top of my head who I got into via a live album (Live Seeds) {generally, not a live album fan unless I was there}. And I guess it was the sheer raucousness of his music coupled with some of the most intelligent lyrics I have come across anywhere that got me hooked.

Over the years I have pretty much collected everything he has released whether with the Bad Seeds or as Grinderman – i’ve refrained from The Birthday Party as I missed it first time around and I am too old to be reenacting that part of my life.

I admire all the Bad Seed albums from the finding their feet early albums through to the later stuff that even the wife says she likes via B-sides and rarities.

Maybe that’s where i’m struggling at present…42 mins for a Nick Cave album seems far too brief…Higgs Bosun Blues weighs in at almost 8 minutes but I want a few of them. The lyrics are still there but where is that track where he howls at the moon and just let’s it go. Where is that track that my wife will still blanch at on a Sunday Morning…one I need to get up and turn down or skip for her. I’ve only played it a couple of times but it reminds me a bit of Nocturama…but without Bring It On and Babe, i’m on fire…my two favourite tracks from that album.

Cave and I live in the same city, he gets out a bit more than I do, but our city has a seedy underbelly and this album is much more themed on that than the usual Cave biblical preacher style.

I know all artists change as they age and 15 albums of the same is not what I want…when I first heard Nick Cave I had a 1 year old daughter, I now have 3 children whilst Cave has twins approaching their teenage years. At the moment it is a bit too 11am Sunday Morning for me when it should be more 2am Saturday Morning.

What the album has done for me is make me revisit a lot of his other albums again – i’ll never tire of No More Shall We Part and B-Sides and Rarities makes my all time top 10.

The highlight of the album has to be the title track which is just mesmerising the remainder wouldn’t go amiss on their own on any recent Cave album. But put together and following on from two Grinderman albums and Dig Lazarus Dig is it just a little too ambient for me?