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And another one going in the shop…

August 30, 2012



Proving quite popular…

August 13, 2012

Sold before completed…

August 11, 2012

Leaving present for my old boss…

June 6, 2012


Two more pics sent to the printers

May 31, 2012

Just a quick one…


And one for my daughter’s boyfriend…


Guess which one I got paid for.


Latest MusicAsArt commission…and another happy customer

May 15, 2012

Turn your Music Collection into your own unique piece of art. Canvas mounted image of all of your music album covers converted into one collage.These do not come as limited editions, all commissions are bespoke.
No one will have exactly the same music collection as you and so your piece of artwork will be unique too. Each piece looks fantastic hung on a wall, a fantastic conversation piece. The larger your music collection the more impressive your image becomes. The perfect present for the music buff in your life/bed/office/family.