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Nick cave and the Bad Seeds, Brighton Dome, October 2013.

October 25, 2013

So… almost 20 years on from the release of Live Seeds, the album which got me into Nick cave, I finally got to see him/them.

There aren’t many artists I have come to through a live album, but nothing unusual there for Nick Cave to prove the exception.

And exceptional it was. Despite Live Seeds Blixa and Mick being absent from the current line-up this lived up to everything I hoped it would be and more. Helped in no small part by them playing 5 tracks from the Live Seeds album.

Both of my other big gigs this year have been stadium concerts with 20,000+ seating affairs, and both were as excellent as two hours seated uncomfortably can be. For the Bad Seeds at the much more intimate Brighton Dome I chose standing tickets. And being a Brightonian we were there sufficiently early to see the support act, Shilpa Ray and the Happy Hookers.

The Happy Hookers were missing and she was the only one on stage as the auditorium filled but her mix of PJ Harvey meets Joplin was worth seeing. The other advantage to being Brightonian was we secured “our spot” three or four from the front, centre stage.

I’d had an IPA and a couple of G&Ts by the time Shilpa finished her set and was just debating whether or not to go for a pee, when The Bad Seeds followed by Mr Cave came on stage. I decided to hold it.


Bad decision…no one told me they were going to play a two hour set.

If it was two hours, despite the strain on my bladder, it flew by. With Jubilee Street being the opening number and then straight into Abbattoir Blues.  The eclectic mix present of quite young and quite old loved it. By the time they commenced the eight minute long Higgs Bosun Blues I was already regretting my decision and was blissfully unaware we were only a third through the set.

I have to say, I am sad not to have seen Blixa and Harvey but the current line up would give anyone a run for their money from the violin bow eschewing Warren Ellis to the, even out-modding Bradley Wiggins, Martyn P Casey.

My personal highlights were… Hiding All Away, Nobody’s Baby Now, (Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?, From Her to Eternity, Babe, You Turn Me On, Push the Sky Away, Deanna  and Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry all of which would make a pretty fine album on their own.


But I guess that is the thing with NCATBS. To highlight any one tune is a disservice to any of the others. And in the same way I would pay to see the Bad Seeds even without Cave (perish the thought though). And although you’re sorry to see one band member go their own way…but then look at the talent that fills the hole.

Leaving the Dome afterwards I reflected on nice though it is travelling to a European Capital to see some of the bands I have seen this year I am also very lucky to be able to see nights like this in my own city, at this point I left Church Street and entered Jubilee Street where my ride home was waiting for me. I’m sure this is where I came in.

Here’s the set list…

Jubilee Street
Abattoir Blues
Sad Waters
Stranger Than Kindness
Hiding All Away
Nobody’s Baby Now
Higgs Boson Blues
(Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?
From Her to Eternity
Babe, You Turn Me On
West Country Girl
Stagger Lee
The Mercy Seat
Push the Sky Away


We Real Cool
Red Right Hand
Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
Fucking Slow song (his words not mine)

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Glastonbury 2013

July 1, 2013

Nick Cave at Glastonbury

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Glastonbury 2013

Fantastic set from Cave, TBS and the audience.

A great thing about Glastonbury’s frequently eclectic main stage line-up is how worried the fans of gentle headline acts sometimes look when faced with a surprise blast of true musical ferocity.

So it’s a joyous thing to see a fair few of the die-hard Mumford devotees who’ve pitched up at the front for a prime spot being literally walked all over by the shiny shoes of Nick Cave – one of rock’s more mesmerizingly brutal, yet still debonair demon choirmasters.

And to make matters even better it’s to the frankly obscene lyrics of the evil ‘Stagger Lee’.

Cave does find one of his own tribe though – easily spotted as she‘s got his name scrawled on her cheeks – and he briefly balances on the security rail by clamping her head between his knees, to obvious delight and disbelief.

There’s a pause as he gazes up to the stage. “Jesus, you’re a fucking long way away,” Cave shouts out from the pit to his Bad Seeds. “I’ve absolutely no idea how to get back – which song’s next anyway?”

After eventually scaling the stage again, the impresario later returns to the front and this time picks out a stunningly well-proportioned red-head who’s perched on anonymous shoulders. Transfixing her with his animal stare for half a song, he serenades the beauty, both of them seemingly oblivious for two minutes to the presence of the rest of the crowd.

However the stand-out musical moments have to be ‘Tupelo’ and encore, ‘Red Right Hand’.

Despite the warmth of the evening, given Cave’s almost godlike demonic persona, there’s a shiver passes through the audience as Tupelo’s opening lines crash skywards:

“Looka yonder! Looka yonder! A big black cloud come…”

Nobody would have been surprised at this very moment if such call to the heavens conjured up a storm cloud from nowhere. But perhaps it’s a spell with a built-in time delay designed to bring down the torrents on the heads of Mumford & Sons?

Whatever, the dark homage to the birth of Elvis Presley is a beautiful reminder of how Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have a catalogue of powerhouse songs stretching back to the mid-80s. Murderous ballads that will guarantee they continue to stay relevant to new generations of fresh fans.