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My Top Ten Places in the World…

July 4, 2008

For this top ten I think we can say these are in order of preference:

10) London, England

“When you are bored of London, you are bored with life”

I’ve lived in the suburbs, worked and played in the centre. Fabulous parks, great concert venues, good markets, great history, some excellent eating, the Natural History museum, the Science museum, the National gallery and Arsenal Football club. I could sit in Trafalgar Square and people watch for hours.

9) Paris, France

The Musee D’Orsay, fabulous food, some of the most photographed landmarks on the face of the planet, all combine to make paris the capital I have visited most outside my own country. A warm day, time spent sitting at a pavement cafe nursing a beer watching the Parisians strut their stuff. Vive la difference.

8 ) Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand

So a few years back we were thinking of emigrating to New Zealand so we spent a month there and toured both islands. We spent a few days going up and down the Coromandel Peninsula and I just loved the green rolling countryside and the winding roads. I looked at a courier franchise that was for sale here and I think I could have lived out my days just driving these deserted roads delivering parcels and getting to know the place even better.

7) Brighton, England

I’m lucky enough to want to have my home town included in my top ten although unfortunately I’m not living in my number 1 destination. Brighton is on the South Coast of the UK, and is full of tourists and foreign language students in the Summer. Great eating out, great nightlife, close to the countryside, an airport on its doorstep, good travel links, great architecture. I think you are lucky if you can say “I love my hometown”.

6) Solway Coast, Scotland

The land of one of my grandfathers and the host for countless school summer holidays. A region full of fishing villages, great beaches, rolling countryside and some average weather. Lots of memories, and I still like to visit when I can.

5) Kerala Province, India

Known as “The land of the coconut” in India, great beaches, fantastic weather, warm people, crazy local politics, terrible poverty mingling amongst some fantastic holiday destinations.

4) Hampi, India

Second of two India destinations in my top 5. This I heard described as “the shantiest place some one had ever been to”. Unusual for me in that it is inland, but it has a river you cross by coracle. A lunar landscape dotted with Hindu ruins. I spent a week not wanting to leave my hammock but having to venture out for great street food and exploration.

3) Sydney, Australia

I hate cities. Despite this the greatest city in the world is number 3 on my list. I think I actually fell in love with Sydney before the plane touched the ground. Fabulous attractions, easily navigable, tremendous Chinatown, cheap, great food, great wine, friendly people, excellent open spaces, tremendous weather. I would move there tomorrow given half the chance.

2) Yangshuo, China

Some of the most unusual and enchanting landscapes I have ever come across. Every turn in the road is a camera shot. A boat ride down the river is a delight you don’t want to end. However, so popular with tourists you can eat Chinese, Italian, American or Mexican on the same street. Not really very Chinese but my favourite destination in China. Laid back in the daytime and lively at night. A great party destination.

1) San pedro De Laguna, Guatemala

Humming birds, tranquility, lush, colourful and volcanoes. Great weather – fabulous people. The hammock capital of the world in my opinion. Devastated when I left, even more so when I realised I should have stayed longer. Unique in the fact that it was so good I have vowed never to return incase it has changed for the worse. In this instance the memories will have to do.