Nick Cave…you are making me feel old!

Straight off the bat I have to make you aware of a few things. I am no oil painting: Glasses help the deficient vision, too much gigging has given me tinitus, I am bald and the belly has paid the price for my delictation of a cold beer.

And I’m not saying here that Monsieur Cave is a gargoyle. However, I got into Cave and the Bad Seeds just prior to the release of their Live Seeds album. So, that would be 1992/1993. Let’s call it 15 years.

And at the time Cave looked like this.

yeah, we knew this man had a taste for the wilder side of life and dabbled in the occasional spot on unprescribed medication. But after all he’s a “rock and/or roller”, and who hasn’t puffed, popped or poured in their time.

Anywho, it’s 2008 and Cave’s latest album, Dig Lazurus Dig,  is out and the other night I saw him on the TV promoting it …looking like this.

Holy Cheeses! gone is the debonair, bohemian young soul rebel. Replaced by what now resembles a Moldovan porn flick director. And I don’t mean one of those “classy” high budget pornos, I mean one of those 20 minute “was she drugged into doing that” type of affairs.

Anyway, I don’t think Messr. Cave is one to judge a book by it’s cover and certainly won’t be concerned by his appearance. But what troubled me was how in the time I have admired his music he seems to have aged so much.

The hair on top of his head is going and seems to be being over compensated for by a lousy tache. And then it struck me. Cave is becoming Crosby.

David, rather than Bing that is.

So, by the time Cave’s next album comes out we could be expecting

Personally, I feel it would be an improvement on what we have at present.

Nick, we love you man, glad to have you in Brighton, still love the sound, but please lose the pornographer’s ‘tache.

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3 Responses to “Nick Cave…you are making me feel old!”

  1. Rosie Says:

    Hello, I found this page while googling Nick Cave to find out his height: big discussion on this with friends. Being a Sydneysider I got totally side tracked on your Ode to Sydney (welcome back any time!!) then I read your stuff on Mr Cool Cave…….cracked me up!! I am SO with you! Apparently his wife suggested it, loves it, and it’s become so much a part of his public persona that he was a judge at Some Moustache Championship or Other (absolutely true!!)
    Losing the hair might be inevitable……lose the face hair too…please!! have fun, Rosie

  2. Joanna Says:

    Belive it or not I love his moustache;)
    Yesterday he gave amazing concert in Edinburgh, it was f…brilliant! On scene he is like an animal, taken out of the cage, pardon cave;)

  3. kerry Says:

    what astupid and ignorant comment. Does his tash make any difference to the quality and genius work this man produces, its a pity you were so late getting into his music!!!! dont watch him if hes not aesthetically pleasing

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